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Kenosis was founded by Rev. Gunther Wittenberg (Professor Emeritus of the University of Natal) and the late Rev. Gert Landmann.

The Kenosis Community was established to:

  • Train women about Christianity through a Sisterhood
  • Care for vulnerable children and children orphaned by Aids
  • Provide pre-school (creche) facilities for children from the local community
  • Provide clinic facilities together with the local authority.

  • The Community relies on donations for its operating costs, the bulk of which come from overseas.

    The Trustees decided that these donations could become unreliable in years to come, so they purchased land a short distance up the road on which to establish a business.

    The objective is to support the Kenosis Community out of profits generated.

    This land is a smallholding of approximately 21 hectares (50 acres) with several houses, storerooms and sheds.

    Development of the Kenosis Retreat was started in March 2003 when the large house was converted into a conference centre.

    Development of the guesthouses followed with the log cabin using the last of the donated funds.

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