ECD Creche – Early Childhood Development Creche

A well-equipped pre-school, the Bishopstowe Early Learning Centre caters for up to 50 children from the surrounding farming areas and informal settlements. The feeder schools comment positively on the school readiness of all these children.

Quality Care for local community pre-school children


  1.  To provide a facility for Pre-school children from our surrounding local communities.
  2.  To instil in them an identity with Christian Values.
  3.  To cover the basics in hygiene and nutrition.
  4.  To initiate the children’s educational development and introduce them to English.
  5.  To prepare them for School

Kenosis offers a well-equipped pre-school for early childhood development. These include a classroom and Locker room, adequate ablutions and outdoor jungle gym and swings. This facility caters for up to 50 children from surrounding farming areas and informal settlements from where they are transported daily to attend our crèche.

Children are engaged in a multitude of activities in a safe and secure environment. Kenosis is justifiably proud of this facility and many receiving primary schools have commented positively about its contribution in readying pupils for formal schooling.