Volunteering in Kenosis

Kenosis regularly hosts local and overseas students, usually for a year, who come for an exposure to the realities in a very different and much poorer environment than their home. They help in the various programmes of Kenosis and help to build bridges between the different communities.

Volunteer Doro showing her parents around Kenosis
Volunteer Doro showing her parents around Kenosis


  • To offer young adults from abroad the opportunity to experience a new culture.
  • To widen the horizons of people living at Kenosis.
  • To offer the opportunity for young people to develop their skills.
  • To offer the opportunity for personal growth and independence.
  • To assist in the daily activities of Kenosis.
  • To engage with the local community whilst at Kenosis.


Kenosis offers two young adults locally and abroad the opportunity to come to Kenosis for one year. As a pair they would work together in two main areas. One would help in the crèche while the other helps around the community with Estate Administration and extra curricula activities.

The responsibilities in and around the Creche include collecting children with the driver in the morning and taking them home in the afternoons: Keeping record of payment. Cooking Porridge for breakfast and washing the dishes and playing with the children during free play-time. The work in the crèche is quite structured while Estate Administration and Gardening could be more varied.

The volunteers could be assigned children to assist with homework in the afternoons. This is an important responsibility as many children are not keeping up in school and in this way they can enhance children’s learning experience.

Volunteers interact with children during their free-time during which time they could read stories, coach and play games and generally interact with everyone in the community.

Time period

In general Kenosis would prefer volunteers for a period of one year but the minimum duration would be 6 months. The time span would normally commence in August in the one year and continue through to the following August for foreign volunteers. January or July are ideal starting times for local volunteers seeking either a year or six months volunteers service. During this time volunteers will also have time-off to visit return home and/or in the case of foreign volunteers, explore the country.

How to apply to Volunteer for Kenosis

Kenosis works together with three Mission organisations in Germany and it is these organisations that are responsible for the recruitment process. This includes preparing volunteers for the year abroad as well as assisting with travel arrangements, insurance and other relevant logistics.

The Mission Organisations

1. Evangelisch Lutherisches Missionswork, based in Hermannsburg.

2. Ev.Missionwerk Sudwest Deutschland, based in Stuttgart.

3. Local Churches in South Africa – apply directly to Kenosis.

4. Local individuals wishing to volunteer – apply directly.


Past volunteers from the above mission organisations can be contacted to relate their experiences and more recently; the German Organisation Yebo-yes consisting of specifically Kenosis past volunteers are willing and able to make contact with potential and current Kenosis Volunteers.

Their assistance and practical approach can prove a valuable resource to the whole volunteer experience (Before, during and after).